Did you know?

What many of my patients find frustrating about healthcare is that there is so much MISINFORMATION about how to access Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

I hope and plan to demystify a lot of inaccurate information.  Every week or two I plan to share with you a NEW piece of advice with the latest accuracy of information that should clarify misguided information.  I have a pool of information, but please post or email me any questions you may have.

This week’s did you know is:  Do you need a Prescription to be seen for Physical Therapy?

CORRECT Answer is: NO, NOT in North Carolina.  We are a direct access State which means you can see a PT without a prescription.  This can potentially shorten a patients treatment time because you may be able to get in with a PT quicker by NOT going to another provider first.

Please look for my next post soon and please email me with ANY questions you may have:  Joe@physicaltherapy2you.com

http://www.physicaltherapy2you.com             phone: 919-345-9196


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