Did you know?

What many of my patients find frustrating about healthcare is that there is so much MISINFORMATION about how to access Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

I hope and plan to demystify a lot of inaccurate information.  Every week or two I plan to share with you a NEW piece of advice with the latest accuracy of information that should clarify misguided information.  I have a pool of information, but please post or email me any questions you may have.

This week’s did you know is:  Do you need a Prescription to be seen for Physical Therapy?

CORRECT Answer is: NO, NOT in North Carolina.  We are a direct access State which means you can see a PT without a prescription.  This can potentially shorten a patients treatment time because you may be able to get in with a PT quicker by NOT going to another provider first.

Please look for my next post soon and please email me with ANY questions you may have:  Joe@physicaltherapy2you.com

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My first blog by Dr. Joe Rattien, DPT

Intro: My name is Dr. Joe Rattien and I have been a physical therapist for over 13 years.  My staff and I provide 1 on 1 Physical and Occupational therapy throughout the Raleigh-Durham area also know as RTP.  please visit the company website at: http://www.physicaltherapy2you.com

I plan on posting information and tips NOT just about physical therapy, but how to navigate healthcare costs, questions to ask your healthcare providers, and injury prevention.  Stay tuned for more to come shortly!